Student and Research Scholar

Degree Topic Name From To
1 Ph.D.   Thesis Title: Development of Tri-layered HOI Structure for NanoFET Devices Lalthanpuii Khiangte 01/02/2017 22/11/2019
2 Ph.D.   Thesis Title: In-situ Modelling and Simulation for Design and Development of Solar Cell for Enhanced Performance Shingmila Hungyo 16/09/2016 14/07/2021
3 Ph.D.   Design and Control of single and multi axis Active Mr. Sukanta Debnath 15/09/2015 10/05/2021
4 Ph.D.   Study of Effects of Standard and Non Standard Impu MS. KAVERI BHUYAN (NERIST) 01/07/2010 01/04/2015
5 Ph.D.   Balanced Scorecard for Operators of Power Sector i Mr. Shibabrata Choudhury (NERIST) 01/07/2011 01/04/2016
6 Ph.D.   Modelling and Analysis of Thermal and Electrical B Mr. Anu Kumar Das (NERIST) 01/07/2013 01/08/2018
7 Ph.D.   Study of Grid Integrated Distributed Generation Mr. Shantanu Chatterjee (NERIST) 01/07/2014 31/05/2018
8 M.E. / M.Tech.   Architectural Model of Busbar Protection Relay Mr. S. M. Mohan (NERIST) 01/07/2011 31/05/2012
9 M.E. / M.Tech.   High Frequency Modeling of Power Transformer for S Ms. Usha Sharma (NERIST) 01/07/2012 31/05/2013
10 M.E. / M.Tech.   Impulse Fault Identification using Cascade Feed Fo Mr. Rishabh Singh Khwarikpam (NERIST) 17/07/2012 31/05/2013
11 M.E. / M.Tech.   Electromechanical Analysis of a Bridge Configured Ms. Dhritika Saikia (NERIST) 16/07/2012 31/05/2013
12 M.E. / M.Tech.   Electromechanical Design of Self-bearing Switched Ms. Firdausa Ahmed (NERIST) 01/07/2012 31/05/2013
13 M.E. / M.Tech.   Study of Probabilistic Nature of Breakdown of Air- Mr. Mudang Taro (NERIST) 01/07/2012 31/05/2013
14 M.E. / M.Tech.   Modeling of Bewley’s Lattice Diagram using Matlab Mr. Brajagopal Datta (NERIST) 01/07/2012 31/05/2013
15 M.E. / M.Tech.   Electric field calculation using Charge Simulation Ms. Himadri Das (NERIST) 01/07/2013 01/04/2015
16 M.E. / M.Tech.   Control of Electric Stress in Cable Ms. Oying Doso (NERIST) 01/07/2013 01/06/2014
17 Ph.D.   Convective Drying Laxman Mishra 28/02/2017 18/09/2021
18 Ph.D.   Fluidization Engineering Prasanta Majumder 05/07/2017 18/02/2022
19 Ph.D.   IC Engine & Alternative fuels Dipankar Saha 28/02/2018 28/02/2022
20 Ph.D.   Scramjet Engine Anupam Debnath 28/02/2017 28/07/2020
21 B.E. / B.Tech.   Sectoral Energy & Exergy Utilization Rahul Rathore, Rakesh Rawat & Ishtiaque Zafar 05/07/2016 15/06/2017
22 Ph.D.   EFFECTS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE IN HYBRID Mr. Brajagopal Datta (NERIST) 01/07/2013 28/06/2019
23 M.E. / M.Tech.   Design of Filter For Reduction of Harmonics Due t Ms Kajjam Srikala 17/07/2017 16/12/2019
24 M.E. / M.Tech.   Simulation Studies and Control Strategy of Unified Mr. Lalhungliana 17/07/2017 14/06/2019
25 M.E. / M.Tech.   Application Potential of Bentonite-Lime Mix Modified with Phosphogypsum and Reinforced with Sisal Fibres. In NIT Hamirpur: Mr. Sujeet Kumar [Jointly with Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Kumar Dutta, Geotechnical Engineering Division, Dept. of Civil Engg., National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, Anu, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, Graduated in June, 2014, (Publication: Published Two Research Papers/Articles, One in SCI/SCI-E and One in E-SCI/SCOPUS Indexed Peer-reviewed International Journals, from his M.Tech. Thesis)] 02/07/2012 20/06/2014
26 M.E. / M.Tech.   Strength Characteristics of Bentonite-Lime-Gypsum Mix Reinforced with Coir Fibres. In NIT Hamirpur: Ms. Vidya Tilak B. [Jointly with Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Kumar Dutta, Geotechnical Engineering Division, Dept. of Civil Engg., National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, Anu, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, Graduated in June, 2014, (Publication: Published Three Research Papers/Articles, One in SCI/SCI-E and Two in E-SCI/SCOPUS Indexed Peer-reviewed International Journals, from her M.Tech. Thesis)] 02/07/2012 20/06/2014
27 M.E. / M.Tech.   Behavior of Rectangular Skirted Footing Resting on Sand. In NIT Hamirpur: Mr. Shibaprasad Debbarma [Jointly with Asst. Prof. (Dr.) Vishwas Nandkishor Khatri, Geotechnical Engineering Division, Dept. of Civil Engg., National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, Anu, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, Graduated in August, 2015, (Publication: Published One Research Paper/Article in SCI/SCI-E Indexed Peer-reviewed International Journal, from his M.Tech. Thesis)] 01/07/2013 06/08/2015
28 Ph.D.   Extraction of Precious Metals from E-Waste using Microwave Technique. In NIT Mizoram: Prof. Rajendra Prasad Mahapatra [Part-Time External Category, Enrollment No. DT16CE002, (Presently Employed as Professor & Head, Dept. of Computer Science & Engg., in Additional Charge of the Post of Dean Admission, SRMIS&T, Deemed to be University, Delhi-NCR Campus, Modinagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India), Date of Enrollment: 28/02/2017, Date of Thesis Submission: 12/02/2020, Date of Thesis Defense: 12/06/2020, Publication: Published Three Research Papers/Articles, Two in SCI/SCI-E and One in SCOPUS Indexed Peer-reviewed International Journals, from his PhD Thesis] 28/02/2017 12/06/2020
29 Ph.D.   Characterization of Expansive Soils from Different Parts of India: Correlating Swelling Behaviour to Different Properties. In NIT Mizoram: Mr. Peddireddy Sreekanth Reddy [Full-Time Regular Category, Enrollment No. DT17CE002, Date of Enrollment: 09/02/2018, Date of Thesis Submission: 24/03/2022, Date of Thesis Defense: 17/07/2022, Jointly with Asst. Prof. (Dr.) B. Hanumantha Rao, Geotechnical Engineering Division, School of Infrastructure, Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar, Argul Campus, Jatani, Odisha, Publication: Published One Review Paper/Article in SCI/SCI-E Indexed Peer-reviewed International Journal, Outside his Ph.D. Thesis, and Five Research Papers/Articles, Four in SCI/SCI-E and One in E-SCI/SCOPUS Indexed Peer-reviewed International Journals, from his Ph.D. Thesis, Out of the Four SCI/SCI-E, One is in Scientific Reports - Nature, Nature Publishing Group (Nature Research/Nature Portfolio)] 09/02/2018 17/07/2022
30 Ph.D.   Structural Engineering (Ongoing) Mr. Rozampuia 02/10/2020 02/10/2024
31 Ph.D.   Analysis and Design of Steel Structure Jonathan Vanlalruata 01/10/2020 01/10/2024
32 B.E. / B.Tech.   Polygonal member under torsion Amit,Kundan,Suraj,Shivanshi,Vanlalhriata,Vikhyat 01/08/2018 30/05/2019
33 B.E. / B.Tech.   Torsional buckling analysis Malsawmdawngzeli, Prem Verma 01/08/2019 29/05/2020
34 B.E. / B.Tech.   Perforated column under torsion Kuldeep,Neeraj,Pankaj,Rahul,Shiv Shambu 01/08/2017 31/05/2018
35 Ph.D.   Modified Control Strategies of a Brushless DC Motor Drive Upama Das 15/09/2015 28/03/2021
36 Ph.D.   Control Strategies and Performance Optimization of a PMSM Drive Chiranjit Sain 17/07/2015 27/11/2020
37 Ph.D.   Resilience and emission analysis of the E-bus transit system Krishnarti De 15/09/2015 16/04/2021
38 Ph.D.   Economic Analysis of different types of E-bus based Transportation system Suman Majumder 15/09/2015 16/04/2021
39 Ph.D.   DG FET Kuleen Kumar 20/07/2018 31/12/2021
40 Ph.D.   Tri-gate tri-layered FinFET Swagat Nanda 01/02/2020 29/10/2020
41 Ph.D.   MIMO Antennas for 5G Communication Sanjukta Nej 05/08/2019 24/04/2021
42 Ph.D.   CP Antennas for RF Energy Harvesting Santosh Kumar Bairapakka 05/08/2019 30/11/2020
43 Ph.D.   Microwave Absorbers Subbarao Genikala 05/08/2019 30/11/2020
44 Ph.D.   RFID Systems for Vehicular Communication Krishna Mazumder 03/02/2020 30/11/2020
45 Ph.D.   Partial Discharge Detection in High Voltage Oil Filled Transformer using Various Sensors S Nilakanta Meitei 01/08/2016 21/12/2020
46 Ph.D.   Optimization in Electric Power Exchange Devnath Shah 16/07/2017 12/01/2021
47 M.E. / M.Tech.   Solar Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging Station Nimesh Kumar Singh 07/07/2018 17/06/2019
48 M.E. / M.Tech.   Control Technique For E-Bus Transit System and Emission Study KONDAVALASA SAIKUMAR 10/07/2019 17/06/2020
49 M.E. / M.Tech.   Optimization of li-ion battery for the environmental and economical benefit of a solar powered electric vehicle charging station at the workplace Saswati Chatterjee 10/07/2020 17/06/2021
50 B.E. / B.Tech.   Technical and Environmental Feasibility Analysis of Battery Swap E-bus Transit System for Indian Cities SHEKHAR RANJAN GAUTAM 10/07/2019 17/06/2020
51 M.E. / M.Tech.   Optimizing The UPF Methodology For SoC Mr. Kuldeep Shahi 05/08/2018 20/06/2019
52 M.E. / M.Tech.   FPGA Implementation of Reversible Image Watermarking based on Difference Expansion Mr. R. Lalrinhula 05/08/2018 20/06/2019
53 M.E. / M.Tech.   Analytical Study of Breakdown Characteristics in AIGaN/GaN HEMT Mr. Zohmingmawia Renthlei 05/08/2018 20/06/2019
54 B.E. / B.Tech.   VHDL Implementation of Colour Image Watermarking Mr. Aditya Gaurav 05/08/2019 19/06/2020
55 B.E. / B.Tech.   Design and simulation of Re-entrant cavities for V-band Microwave devices Mr. Vatsav Kolluru 05/08/2019 19/06/2020
56 B.E. / B.Tech.   Printed Circuit Board of Air Quality Monitoring System Amar Kumar Safi 02/08/2018 14/06/2019
57 B.E. / B.Tech.   Design and Simulation of Re-Entrant Cavities for Ka-band Microwave Devices Shubham Swaraj 02/08/2018 14/06/2019
58 B.E. / B.Tech.   Matlab Implementation of Colour Image Watermarking Krishna Kumar Bhargav 02/08/2018 14/06/2019
59 B.E. / B.Tech.   Design of a Novel Dipole Antenna for Sub-THz Frequencies Manoj Kumar 02/08/2018 14/06/2019
60 B.E. / B.Tech.   FPGA Implementation of Air quality Monitoring system Raju Kumar and Abhishek Kumar Singh 02/08/2017 15/06/2018
61 B.E. / B.Tech.   Digital Reversible Watermarking Manish Kumar Tiwari and Jisha Joshy 02/08/2017 15/06/2018
62 B.E. / B.Tech.   MATLAB implementation of Reversible Image Watermarking Divya Sharma & Gouru Vishnu Vardhan Reddy 02/08/2016 16/06/2017
63 B.E. / B.Tech.   Air Quality Monitoring System in board level Kabita Das and Ajay Kumar 02/08/2016 16/06/2017
64 B.E. / B.Tech.   Studies on performance of Gunn Oscillator based modulator and Demodulator system with chaotic modulating signal Mr. Bhanu Bhai Richhariya and Mr. Bajrang Lal Meena 03/08/2015 17/06/2016
65 B.E. / B.Tech.   Generation of Chaotic signal using Chua’s circuit and its applications Mr. Rawal Singh and Mr. Sandeep Kumar 04/08/2014 19/06/2015
66 Ph.D.   Design and Analysis of RF Section for V-Band Vacuum Electronic Devices Mr. Madutha Santosh Kumar 10/01/2018 29/05/2021
67 Ph.D.   Modeling & Simulation of RF Interaction Structures for Ka -band Vacuum Electronics Devices Mr. Santi Gopal Maity 10/01/2018 29/05/2021
68 Ph.D.   Theoretical and Experimental investigation of mm-Wave Antenna Mr. Paikhomba Loktongbam 10/01/2018 29/05/2021
69 Ph.D.   Study and Analysis of the Impacts of Wind Energy and Energy Storage Systems Mr. Nitesh Kumar Singh 10/01/2018 29/05/2021
70 Ph.D.   Design of Reconfigurable Metasurface Based Polarization Converter for Electromagnetic Applications Mr. Samiran Pramanik 16/08/2019 29/05/2021
71 Ph.D.   Studies on Enhanced and Resilient Service Quality of Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS/ NavIC) Mr. Sukabya Dan 11/08/2019 29/05/2021
72 B.E. / B.Tech.   Shear Buckling of Stainless Steel Perforated Plates Chandan,Lalnunhlima,Shambu,Azid,Lalmalsawma,Shiva,Manish,Nitesh 01/08/2020 02/06/2021
73 B.E. / B.Tech.   Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil with Calcium Carbide Residue. In NIT Mizoram: Mr. Imanuel Lalhruaitluanga, Mr. Nabin Sharma, Ms. Neha Kumari, and Mr. Wilson Lalremruata with Enrollment No’s. BT17CE001, BT17CE009, BT17CE014, and BT17CE016, respectively 23/07/2020 02/06/2021
74 B.E. / B.Tech.   Geotechnical Characterization of Natural Expansive Soils. In NIT Mizoram: Mr. Rigzin Angchok, Mr. Lalromawia, Mr. Tinkal Kumar, and Mr. Neeraj Kumar Verma with Enrollment No’s. BT17CE005, BT17CE008, BT17CE019, and BT17CE022, respectively 23/07/2020 02/06/2021
75 Ph.D.   Development of Nanomaterial Membrane Devices Silpee Talukdar 01/02/2020 31/12/2021
76 Ph.D.   Designing of Multilayered Nanoplasmonic Structures Jitendra Singh Tamang 26/07/2019 31/12/2021
77 M.E. / M.Tech.   Thesis Title: Modelling for Minimization of Leakage in DG SOI NanoFET Zohmingliana 01/06/2018 10/06/2019
78 M.E. / M.Tech.   Thesis Title: Design and Analysis of Differentially Graded Channel DG Junctionless Transistor Tika Ram Pokhrel 01/06/2018 10/06/2019
79 M.E. / M.Tech.   Thesis Title: Modelling and Simulation of Performance Analysis in TG SOI FinFETs Serto Engneichung Aimol 25/05/2020 28/05/2021
80 Ph.D.   Modelling of Perovskite Solar cell and Performance analysis L. Kholee Phimu 01/02/2020 31/12/2021
81 B.E. / B.Tech.   Design and Analysis of Multiple Bandpass Frequency Selective Surfaces Roushan Kumar, Janam Sukanya 05/07/2019 04/06/2020
82 B.E. / B.Tech.   Performance Enhancement of a Slot Antenna Utilizing its Harmonic Frequencies Amit Kumar Mishra and Soma Das 24/07/2014 02/06/2015
83 B.E. / B.Tech.   Gain and Radiation Improvement of Dual Slotted Patch Antenna Using Artificial Magnetic Conductor Abhishek Anand and Sumit Tiwary 23/07/2015 03/06/2016
84 B.E. / B.Tech.   Gain Enhancement of Multiband Antenna Using Artificial Magnetic Conductor Akash Raaz Thakur and Vimlesh Kumar 20/07/2016 14/06/2017
85 B.E. / B.Tech.   Design of Multiband Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Application Pawan Kumar and Piyush Raj 25/07/2017 06/06/2018
86 B.E. / B.Tech.   Design and Analysis of MIMO Antenna for Wireless Applications S. Ratan Bhaskar, Soni Kumari and Aditya Raj 20/07/2020 31/05/2021
87 M.E. / M.Tech.   Analytical Study of Breakdown Characteristics in AlGaN/GaN HEMT Zohmingmawia Renthlei 01/08/2018 30/06/2019
88 Ph.D.   Mixed Convection Nanofluid Flow in Microchannels : Homotopy Analysis Method Mr. Lalrinpuia Tlau 06/02/2017 09/02/2021
89 B.E. / B.Tech.   Application of Plaxis 2D in Analyzing Excavation Problems. In NIT Mizoram: Mr. Rohit Kumar, Mr. Sushil Gaurav Kumar, Mr. Ganesh Kumar, and Ms. Poripireddy Kusuma Priya with Enrollment No’s. BT18CE001, BT18CE006, BT18CE007, and BT18CE009, respectively 14/08/2021 14/05/2022
90 B.E. / B.Tech.   Geotechnical Characterization of Soil in Determining its Suitability for Highway Construction Purpose. In NIT Mizoram: Mr. Abhay Kumar, Mr. Moirangthem Newtan Singh, Mr. Ricky Lalngaihzuala Sailo, Ms. Malsawmzuali, Ms. Lallianvunga, and Mr. R. Lalchhuanawma with Enrollment No’s. BT18CE010, BT18CE011, BT18CE017, BT18CE019, BT18CE021 and BT18CE025, respectively 14/08/2021 14/05/2022
91 Ph.D.   Thesis Title: Characterization and Modeling of Ambipolar Snapback Phenomenon for Compact Memory Devices Pragati Singh 16/09/2016 06/06/2022
92 B.E. / B.Tech.   Deep Sea Image Enhancement Using Multiscale Fusion Piyush Priyadarshi 03/08/2020 15/06/2021
93 B.E. / B.Tech.   Shallow Water Image Enhancement Using Wavelet Fusion Technique. Krishna Kumar Gond and Nitish Kumar 03/08/2020 15/06/2021
94 B.E. / B.Tech.   Design of Digital Circuits using Reversible Logic 1. Ajeet Kumar 2. Boda Vinod Kumar 3. Rajesh Rangdal 4. Ritesh Kumar Singh 31/01/2014 09/06/2014
95 B.E. / B.Tech.   Modeling and Analysis of Reduced GateTunneling Leakage Current in UltraThin Gate Oxide using High-K Dielectrics 1. Amulya Pandey 2. Nikita Saikia 01/08/2014 15/06/2015
96 B.E. / B.Tech.   Design of Double Gate Junctionless Transistor using Sentaurus TCAD 1. Kumari Daleswari 2. Nikhil Rao 01/08/2015 01/06/2016
97 B.E. / B.Tech.   Simulation and Characteristics Study of 3D FinFET 1. Ritesh Kumar 2. Pnitu Nayak 01/08/2015 01/06/2016
98 B.E. / B.Tech.   MATLAB Implementation of Reversible Image Watermarking 1. Divya Sharma 2. Gouru Vishnu vardhan Reddy 01/08/2016 14/06/2017
99 B.E. / B.Tech.   Air Quality Monitoring System 1. Kabita Das 2. Ajay Kumar 01/08/2016 14/06/2017
100 B.E. / B.Tech.   Digital Reversible Watermarking 1. Jisha Joshy 2. Manish Kumar Tiwari 01/08/2017 06/06/2018
101 B.E. / B.Tech.   Implementation fo Air Quality Monitoring System using FPGA 1. Abhishek Kumar Singh 2. Raju Kumar 01/08/2017 06/06/2018
102 B.E. / B.Tech.   VHDL Implementation of Orthogonal Frequency Divsion Miltiplexing (OFDM) Transmitter) Kukade Suyog Girdharrao 01/08/2018 01/06/2019
103 B.E. / B.Tech.   Design Of Low Noise Amplifier 1. Aryan Malik 2. Pritish Thapa 01/08/2020 01/06/2021
105 B.E. / B.Tech.   Design & Performance analysis of TFET based inverter 1. Blinty S 2. Uthsyab Mukhar Mandal 3. Sudhir Kumar Sharma 01/08/2021 14/05/2022
106 B.E. / B.Tech.   Temperature Effect on Dual Material Dual Gate (DMDG) TFET 1. Kunal Sheengada 2. G. Koushik Prasan Sai 01/08/2021 14/05/2022
107 B.E. / B.Tech.   Design of Double Gate Junctionless Transistor for Capacitorless Memory 1. Akurathi Praveen Siva Krishna 2. Gaurav Kashyap 01/08/2021 13/05/2022
108 M.E. / M.Tech.   Study of Vertical Superthin Body FinFET Rajiv Ranjan Thakur 01/03/2017 05/06/2018
109 M.E. / M.Tech.   Optimization of Two Stage Amplifier using Swarm Base Technique Sarilla Surya Kiran 01/03/2017 12/11/2018
110 M.E. / M.Tech.   Design and Analysis of TCCT and SOI FED as Envisaged Memory Device Shakha Chaturvedi 01/03/2021 11/05/2022
111 M.E. / M.Tech.   Thesis Title: Development and Characterization of 10-nm TG FinFET with Stacked High-k Dielectrics Gate Payal Kumari 14/06/2021 20/05/2022
112 B.E. / B.Tech.   Design and Perfoamnce Aanalysis of Junctionless Transistors 1. Yash Panday 2. Surendra Kumar 3. Pradeep Kumar 01/12/2014 15/06/2015
113 M.E. / M.Tech.   Investigation of stack passivation layer in AlGaN/GaN HEMT for Self Heating Amit Kumar Chaturvedi 02/08/2021 11/05/2022
114 B.E. / B.Tech.   PID based Speed control system of DC motor for electric vehicle applications Yeruva Vinay Joseph Thomas Reddy, Piyush Kumar 02/08/2021 13/05/2022
115 B.E. / B.Tech.   Numerical Analysis of Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide (CZTS) based Thin Film Solar Cells for efficiency enhancement Mohit Vashishtha, Bathula Kiran Kumar Raju 02/08/2021 13/05/2022
116 B.E. / B.Tech.   Modelling of ANN based Motor Control Operation for electric vehicle application Pintu Kumar Sah, Devdutt Tiwari 02/08/2021 13/05/2022
117 B.E. / B.Tech.   Study of Efficiency of BJT Amplifier Circuit Sushobhit Saurabh 03/08/2020 11/06/2021
118 B.E. / B.Tech.   Numerical Analysis of Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide (CZTS) based thin film solar cells for efficiency enhancement Naman Goyal 03/08/2020 11/06/2021
119 B.E. / B.Tech.   Development of Arduino based system for Forest Temperature and Activity sensing Dharmraj Gupta 03/08/2020 11/06/2021
120 B.E. / B.Tech.   IoT based GPRS Watch/Raeataoke Watch Susanta Roy 01/08/2019 12/06/2020
121 B.E. / B.Tech.   Automatic Locking System in Vehicles Using Alcohol Detector Kiran Kumar Kintali 01/08/2019 12/06/2020
122 B.E. / B.Tech.   IoT Fingerprint Voting Machine Debjani Dey, Sushil Kumar Singh 01/08/2018 14/06/2019
123 B.E. / B.Tech.   VHDL Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard Ajupa Das, Rajneesh Kumar Singh 01/08/2018 14/06/2019
124 B.E. / B.Tech.   Hardware and Software Implementation of a DC to DC converter Chandan Mishra, Sudula Sandeep 01/08/2017 15/06/2018
125 B.E. / B.Tech.   Hardware and Software Implementation of Full wave rectifier Lalmani Paswan 01/08/2017 15/06/2018
126 B.E. / B.Tech.   Verilog Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES - 128) Sujaya Singha, Tulika Tripathi, Sooraj Singh 01/08/2016 16/06/2017
127 B.E. / B.Tech.   Shallow Underwater Image Enhancement using Deep Learning Nisha Kumari (BT18EC023) and ANB Tejaswi (BT18EC011) 01/08/2021 31/05/2022
128 B.E. / B.Tech.   Design a Metamaterial based Butterworth Microstrip Filter Kamlendra Kumar Rathour (BT18EC016) and Edhot Chakma (BT18EC027) 01/08/2021 31/05/2022
129 Ph.D.   State Finances of Assam: An Analysis with Special Reference to Debt Sustainability Santosh Borkakati 15/09/2015 06/12/2021
130 Ph.D.   Voices of Afghan: Women and Identity in Literature of Afghanistan Pauline Lalthlamuanpuii 22/08/2017 29/03/2022
131 Ph.D.   The Impact of Jim Morrison's Poetry in American Literary Tradition Dwaipayan Roy 13/10/2020 31/12/2024
132 Ph.D.   Lensing Feminism Through Select Mizo Fiction Debbie Lalrinawami 02/10/2020 31/12/2024
133 Ph.D.   Representation of Disability in Bollywood K. Santha Ram 22/03/2021 22/06/2025
134 Ph.D.   Physicochemical Properties of Amphiphilic Drugs in Mixed Media Mr. Jackson Gurung (DS16CH001), Full-Time (Regular) 01/09/2016 03/03/2020
135 Ph.D.   Amphiphilic Drug-Surfactant System Ms. Jacqueline Lalthengliani (DS18CH001), Full-Time (Self-Financed) 20/07/2018 08/10/2022
136 Ph.D.   Drug-Additive Interaction Mrs. Rajani Singh (DS18CH002), Part-Time 24/07/2018 08/10/2022
137 Ph.D.   Gemini surfactants Ms. Yumnam Gyani Devi (DS19CH001), Full-Time (Regular) 05/08/2019 08/10/2022
138 Ph.D.   Clay-Additive System Mr. Amlanjyoti Gogoi (DS20CH001), Full-Time (Self-Financed) 04/10/2020 08/10/2022
139 Ph.D.   Novel Gemini Mr. Abdussamad Madassery (DS20CH002), Part-Time 03/10/2020 08/10/2022
140 Ph.D.   Emulsion Mr. Subil K K (DS20CH005), Part-Time 01/10/2020 08/10/2022
141 Ph.D.   Surfactant-Dye System Mr. J. Rozamliana (DS20CH006), Part-Time 10/10/2022 08/10/2022
142 Ph.D.   Polymer-Drug System Mr. Malsawmdawngkima (DS20CH008), Full-Time (Self-Financed) 10/10/2020 03/03/2021
143 Ph.D.   Essential Oil Mr. Irom Ragish Singh (DS20CH009), Full-Time (Regular) 08/03/2021 08/10/2022
144 Ph.D.   Novel Surfactant Mr. Salahudheen V P (DS20CH010), Part-Time 09/03/2021 08/10/2022
145 Ph.D.   Kinetics of Organic Reactions Mr. Lalduhawma Chhakchhuak (DS20CH011), Full-Time (Self-Financed) 03/03/2021 08/10/2022
146 B.E. / B.Tech.   UPGRADING RECYCLED AGGREGATES IN CONCRETE USING WASTE PLASTICS Nagala Pavani Pujitha, Sabbisetti Vamsi, Kandisa Vikas, Gadi Sangeetha 11/04/2022 09/11/2022
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