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Department Of  Computer Science and Engineering

Research Interests : Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Research Interests : Natural Language Processing
Research Interests : Social Robot, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligent, Computer Vision
Research Interests : Networks, Communication
Research Interests : Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Semantic Web, Multi-access Edge Computing
Research Interests : Pattern recognition, Evolutionary algorithm, Data mining
Research Interests : Quantum Computing, Image processing, Steganograpy

Department Of  Electronics and Communication Engineering

Research Interests : Nano-and-Microelectronics, Semiconductor Electronics (IV / III-V / II-VI), Nanomaterial, Optoelectronics, Nanophotonics, Bio-electronics, Optimization and System Design, Optical Instrumentation, Solar Cell, Perovskite, Fabrication/ Characterization/ Modelling of Devices and Systems, TCAD simulations, Quantum ATK, NanoDCAL, Organic electronics, Molecular Devices, computational Nanoelectronics, VLSI, Energy Devices, Green Nanotechnology devices and systems
Research Interests : Microwave Sources, Communication Systems.
Research Interests : Antennas, Electromagnetic periodic structures, RF energy scavenging, Microwave passive circuits
Research Interests : [For PG] III - V compound semiconductor devices, TCAD Modeling & Simulation, MEMS based Sensors; [For UG] FPGA system, IoT, and Electric Vehicles & Energy Storage.
Research Interests : Semiconductor Devices, Advanced MOS Devices, Simulation and Modeling, Sensor Applications
Research Interests : Solid State Device Modeling and Simulation, Capacitorless Memory Design, Capcitorless1T-DRAM, VLSI, System Level Design, FPGA, SoC, Digital Electronic and Electronic Circuits

Department Of  Department of Electrical Engineering

Research Interests : High Voltage, Power Systems
Research Interests : Electromagnetic Levitation system, Active magnetic bearing, Power Electronics converters , Vector control and sensor less control of Induction motor,PMSM and BLDC motor Drives,Renewable energy system and E-Vehicles
Research Interests : Simulation and Controller Design for Electric motor drive System, Algorithm Development for Energy Management in E-mobility System, E-mobility, Integrating Renewable Energy in Smart Grid System.
Research Interests : E-mobility, Renewable Energy Integration and smart Grid, Algorithm for E-mobility Contingency, Policy Making for Emission Reduction from Transport sector.
Research Interests : Renewable Energy, Microgrid, Power System, Power Quality.
Research Interests : Micro grid,Deregulation, Distributed Generation

Department Of  Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests : IC Engine, MADM, CFD, Plasma Nitriding, Soft Computing, Exergy Analysis, Biofuel Production, Wind Energy
Research Interests : Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, I.C. Engine, CFD
Research Interests : Fluidization Engineering, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Biomass Energy Conversion, Gasification Technology, Renewable Energy
Research Interests : Design and Manufacturing ( Welding Mechanics, Mitigation methods, Residual stresses, Additive Manufacturing, Robotics and underwater welding etc.
Research Interests : Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wind Turbine Aerodynamics and Hydro-kinetic Turbines, Turbomachinery, Renewable Energy, Heat Transfer Applications
Research Interests : Manufacturing Processes, Additive Manufacturing, 3D- Printing, Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF), Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Direct Energy Deposition (DED), Laser Material Interaction, Laser Cladding, Metal matrix composites (MMCs), Functionally Graded Materials (FGM), Laser Texturing, Micro-manufacturing, Advance Manufacturing Processes, Laser Welding, Numerical Simulation, COMSOL Multiphysics, Thermo-Fluidic Hydrodynamics, Thermo-Calc, Microstructure Prediction, Casting and Solidification
Research Interests :

Department Of  Physics

Research Interests : Materials Science & NMR

Department Of  Chemistry

Research Interests : Colloids, Surfactants, Electrochemistry, Water pollution, Interaction of amphiphiles with drugs, polymers and clay

Department Of  Mathematics

Research Interests : My main research specializations can be categorized under the following headers: Bilevel programs with non convex lower level programs Mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints / switching constraints / vanishing constraints, Non smooth and non convex optimization problems under Manifold environment, Stability and sensitivity for optimization and optimal control problems, Bilevel optimal control problems, Semi-infinite programs: Optimality conditions and numerical algorithms
Research Interests : Convection in Porous Media, Heat and Mass Transfer, Nanofluids, Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows, Analytical, semi-analytical and numerical methods for fluid flow problems
Research Interests : Numerical Methods for Fractional PDEs, Numerical Approximations of Fractional Derivatives, Variable and Distributive Order PDEs, Operational Matrix Methods.

Department Of  Humanities and Social Sciences

Research Interests :
Research Interests : Indian Writing in English, Regional Literature, Feminism.

Department Of  Civil Engineering

Research Interests : Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction Analysis, Liquefaction Modeling, Seismic Hazard Analysis and Assessment of Risks, Landslide Hazard Assessment and Monitoring, Stability of Slopes, Tunnels and Underground Openings, Reinforced Earth Structures, Swell-Shrink Behaviour of Expansive Soils, Unsaturated Soil Mechanics, Environmental Geotechnics, Transportation Geotechnics, Geo-Environmental Engineering, Foundation Engineering, Constitutive Modeling of the Behavior of Geomaterials, Green and Sustainable Contaminated Site Remediation, Sustainable Civil Infrastructure, Finite Element Modeling and Analysis, Pavement Performance and Sustainability, Asphalt Characterization and Development of Performance Prediction Models, Analysis and Modeling of Asphalt Binders and Mixes, Green Pavement Materials, Nano-modified Binders, Mechanistic based Pavement Design under Changing Climates, Pavement Asset Management, Highway Maintenance and Rehabilitation, Traffic Noise and Human Health, Life Cycle Assessment and Costing, Material & Waste Flow Analysis and Management, Public-Private Partnerships, Retrofitting of Structures, Geopolymer Concrete towards Cleaner and Sustainable Environment, Waste (Municipal, Industrial, Hazardous, and Electronic) Management and Disposal, Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Environmental Management, and Environmental Impact, Risk Assessment and Management.
Research Interests : Structural analysis and design, Composite and steel structure, Thin-walled structures, Tubular structure, Finite element modelling. Retrofitting and rehabilitation of structures. Earthquake resistant design of structures
Research Interests : Thin-Walled Tubular Structures, Torsion of tubular members, Stainless steel, Cold-formed structural steel members,Composite members, Finite Element Modelling and Analysis
Research Interests : Solid Waste Management; Plastic Waste Management; Biochar Energy and Environmental Applications; Hydrothermal Carbonisation; Waste to Energy; Anaerobic Digestion, Composting, Construction and Demolition Waste Management, Electronic Waste Management, Life Cycle Assessment, Bioplastics, Microplastics, and Green Infrastructure
Research Interests : Stability, Nonlinear Dynamics, Nonlinear Vibration, Thin-Walled Structures, Plates and Shells, Composite Materials, Structural Analysis, Computational Mechanics, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Soft Actuators, Soft Robotics

Department Of  Centre of Interdisciplinary Research

Department Of  Training & Placement

Department Of  Examination