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Scholarship aspirants of our institute can access information about various scholarship schemes available on the National Scholarships Portal (NSP) at The Portal is a one-stop solution through which various services, starting from student application, application receipt, processing, sanction, and disbursal of various scholarships to Students, are enabled. National Scholarships Portal is a Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). In addition to the schemes on the NSP, there are specific scholarship programs like UGC – Ishan Uday (NER) and scholarships offered by the government of Assam, Manipur Bihar, etc., as well as schemes provided by ONGC and Samsung, among others.


  • After applying for a scholarship through the NSP/other portal based on their eligibility, scholarship aspirants must submit their application and required documents (please refer to the specific scheme details) for Institute-level Verification.
  • Scholarship aspirants must be aware that they can only benefit from one scholarship at a time from any single source.
  • All documents for Institute Level Verification should be submitted exclusively through the online Scholarship module integrated with our institute ERP system. Any other submission methods, such as email or offline, will not be accepted for the Institute-level Verification process.
  • Scholarship aspirants are encouraged to complete the necessary formalities well in advance of the specified deadline on the concerned Portal for the particular scheme's Institute Level Verification.
  • Scholarship applications, although submitted at NSP but have yet to complete the Institute Level Verification by the deadline, will be considered DEFECTIVE.
  • You can find detailed instructions for the Institute Level Verification process in the circulars.


For any query/issue, the Scholarship Aspirants are informed to contact the undersigned.




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