WELCOME TO DEPARTMENT OF Department of Electrical Engineering @ NIT MIZORAM

Name Designation Contact
Prof. Saibal Chatterjee Professor(Dean RC) saibal.eee@nitmz.ac.in
Dr. Pabitra Kumar Biswas Associate Professor pabitra.eee@nitmz.ac.in
Dr. Suman Majumder Assistant Professor (HOD) suman.eee@nitmz.ac.in
Dr. Krishnarti De Assistant Professor krishnarti.eee@nitmz.ac.in
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Assistant Professor ramesh.eee@nitmz.ac.in
Shri. Anagha Bhattacharya Assistant Professor anagha.eee@nitmz.ac.in

DEPARTMENT OF Department of Electrical Engineering, NIT, MIZORAM
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