WELCOME TO DEPARTMENT OF Computer Science and Engineering @ NIT MIZORAM
Achievements of Departmental Faculties
Dr. Ranjita Das
Has received Best Paper Award in 12th IEEE INDICON 2015 held during 17th -20th Dec 2015 at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India for the paper title " Micro-array Gene Expression Data Classification Using Modified Differential Evolution Based Algorithm"
Has presented a research paper titled “Gene Expression Classification Using a Fuzzy Point Symmetry Based PSO Clustering Technique” in the ISCMI2015 conference held in Hongkong.
Has presented a research paper titled “Evidence Accumulation from some clustering algorithms to improve gene expression data classification” has been presented in the ISCMI2016 conference held in Dubai.
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Dash
Has presented research paper in 20th International Conference on Asian Language Processing (IALP) 2016 held at Tainan, Taiwan
Achievements of Departmental Students
Mr. Saurav Saha
B.Tech (CSE), 2014-2018
Has been selected for DAAD internship June-July, 2017 at Digital Media Lab, Bremen University, Germany

Has published two research papers
Mr. Jereemi Bentham
B.Tech (CSE), 2014-2018

Has published three research papers
Mr. Divyanshu Bhardwaj
B.Tech (CSE), 2013-2017
Has published two research papers
DEPARTMENT OF Computer Science and Engineering, NIT, MIZORAM
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