WELCOME TO DEPARTMENT OF Computer Science and Engineering @ NIT MIZORAM

The Infrastructure of Computer Science & Engineering Department is as follows

Department has the following labs

Programming Lab
Computer Network Lab
Database lab
Software Lab

Servers :

Proxy Server
IBM Soft Server
Oracle Server
IBM Blade Server with 16GB DDR3 RAM and 144TB storage

Soft-Infrastructure :

Operating System: Windows 7 (32-bit), Red Hat 5.5, Ubuntu 12.04, Fedora 16.4.


Software :

IBM Rational Suit
IBM Rational Software Architect 2.5
Oracle 12c with Data Mining


Hardware :

CISCO Router 1991, switch 500-28 P
Fire Pro Router
D-Link, CISCO Linksys Access Point


Training Kits :

Advance LAN Trainer Kit
Network Security And Cryptography Kit
Network System Training Kit
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DEPARTMENT OF Computer Science and Engineering, NIT, MIZORAM
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